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This is a great package deal: 2 books - "Basic Math & Pre-Algebra for Dummies" and "Basic Math & Pre-Algebra Workbook for Dummies". Purchased this way you save a bit of money over purchasing them separately, and one reinforces the concepts laid out in the other. A great purchase for the beginning Pre-Algebra student or anyone who wants to understand the building block basics of what Pre-Algebra is and how it works.

First, a bit of background on me. The only 'D' I got in college was in Algebra. All A's and B's otherwise, and I think the 'D' was given to me out of pity so I could get my Bachelor's and move on! Little did I know that years later I'd have a daughter, who in 6th grade would then be taking Pre-Algebra and need my help. "Ask your Father..." was my first inclination, and then I spotted these books.

Now I am reading these books and using the knowledge I'm gaining to help her gain a basic understanding of the subject. Concepts I missed way back when, are clearer now and I find that I'm able to explain concepts with ease after reading about each subject. (Maybe that's because I'm no longer getting graded, but I do think the books help too!)

The workbook and book have tear-out cheat sheets, with basic explanations about the Order of Operations, Inequalities, Place Values, Negative and Absolute Values, Basic Algebra Conventions, and Solving Algebraic Equations. Practice exercises in the workbook are coordinated with the chapters in the book, for easy reference. Comments throughout both the book and workbook are peppered with humor. The simple organization of each book makes the ideas being covered seem far less daunting that I remembered too.

These 'For Dummies' books cover the following and more:

- Understanding fractions, decimals and percents.
- Algebra word problems.
- Prime numbers, factors and multiples.
- Graphing and measures.
- Solving single and multiple variable equations.

The books also cover 'how to use the book' and explain what the icons mean throughout the book. Definitions are clear and illustrations are often accented by a 'tip' that helps you know how to 'think' about attacking certain problems. I liked that feature!

The book touches on Basic Geometry and alternative numbers (Roman numerals, Mayan numerals, Binary numbers, Hexadecimal numbers, Prime-based numbers and 10 Curious types of numbers). Preparing the reader for what comes next in their mathematics education - and probably sells more books!

Overall, this is an excellent bundled (book/workbook) supplement to any-age student of Pre-Algebra, or for any parent who wants to assist their child in understanding the basic concepts of this subject.

A. Polk




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