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Creating Strong Math Skills

NB This article is part of a series of articles we comissioned authors from around the world to write for us. Their brief was to scour the Internet and find interesting and stimulating math topics to write about. The articles do not necessarily represent our beliefs. They are included here to give you some creative food for thought, so that you can take them and work with your teachers to build  a better math platform and environment for you to better excel in ... Please just enjoy the articles and please don't read too much into them.

Children need a strong set of math skills in order to be successful. If children do not have this foundation in math, they will have more difficulty in school and later in life. If you would like to help your child build this set of skills, can help you.

Children without a strong foundation in math have great difficulty comprehending the subject and will thus get lower graders than his or her peers with better skills. Once a student has good basic skills, he or she will have less anxiety about the subject and may even come to enjoy it!

Helping your child create this set of skills requires a carefully considered plan of study. A good number of students are not given a good explanation to begin their study and are not encouraged to practice.

These are necessary for confidence and comprehension. Parents can make some errors in attempting help their child with math skills, often forgetting to emphasize areas besides arithmetic and going over concepts out of order.

There are five basic groupings for math skills:

Number Sense and Operations - Basic arithmetic

Algebra - Recognizing patterns and working with unknowns sets the foundation for succeeding in algebra

Geometry and Spatial Sense - Children can work from their understanding of shapes and will be able to read maps, conceptualize objects in space, and use this understanding to solve geometric problems

Measurement - Measuring is an important skill employed in every day life and includes: weith, length, time, money, temperature, among other important concepts

Data Analysis and Probability - Learning to use charts and graphs helps children better understand information and explain it to others

These concepts will build on each other over time, so starting in the right place, with something your student has the skills to comprehend, is important. Preschool and kindergarten math start with the basics.

They do learn to count from one to ten, but there are important lessons to be learned in pattern and shape recognition as well. Early in elementary school, students will learn basic measurements, more complicated shapes, and place value and fractions.

Later, they will begin to learn more complicated geometry, long division, complicated multiplication, and by sixth grade will begin pre-algebra. You can help your child build the skills that will carry them though these concepts and beyond as a successful student.

In summary, children will have the strongest set of math skills if you present them with a broad foundation that focuses on all areas, not just arithmetic.

The information on will provide a blueprint for building this foundation. The end result will be a happier and more successful student with a bright future ahead.


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