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How To Be A Superior Math Educator

NB This article is part of a series of articles we comissioned authors from around the world to write for us. Their brief was to scour the Internet and find interesting and stimulating math topics to write about. The articles do not necessarily represent our beliefs. They are included here to give you some creative food for thought, so that you can take them and work with your teachers to build  a better math platform and environment for you to better excel in ... Please just enjoy the articles and please don't read too much into them.

There are a variety of ways that individuals can become teachers. However, there is really only one way to become a superior teacher.

There is a huge difference between someone who is a teacher and someone who is a superior educator. A teacher conveys information. Unfortunately, they often tend to do little more.

On the other hand, a superior educator goes far beyond merely conveying information. These individuals possess a deep knowledge and a passion for the subjects they teach and they pass that passion on to the individuals that are learning from them.

Everyone knows that the right teacher can make all the difference. A student who may seem incapable of learning a subject with one teacher may flourish with another.

Any individual is capable of learning any subject. The key is for that individual to find the right teacher who possesses the all too rare combination of knowledge, passion and a deep desire to pass that knowledge on to others.

Once that individual is found there is literally no limit to how much an individual is capable of learning.

While it is important for an educator to pass on these rare qualities to those they teach it is perhaps one of the most important things an educator can do to pass these qualities on in the subject of math.

Math is a subject that tends to be difficult for many individuals and due to that difficulty students often lose interest in learning math early on. This causes many problems down the road.

Due to the fact that math is something that is built upon and therefore progressively learned throughout a period of years weaknesses in the math platform early on cause much greater problems as the math become more complex.

Therefore, it is extremely important that students take an interest in math and learn how to properly perform math calculations at an early age. It is equally important that they continue to have the same passion and zest for learning more difficult and complex forms of math as they continue to grow.

Having a teacher that possesses the qualities that make a student want to learn and allows for an open learning environment can make all the difference in a student being good at math versus the student that is poor in math.

While many teachers in primary and secondary school systems are excellent educators, at times that is simply not the case. In those instances it may be necessary to find a math tutor who possesses those rare qualities.

By obtaining a math tutor that can be located at it is possible for a student to learn how to properly perform math calculations. It is also possible for that same student to learn to love doing math.

By making a student interested in the subject matter a math tutor can easily teach students how to perform the calculations and have the desire to learn more complex forms of math.

Learning the proper technique is only half the battle. The real fight comes in getting a student interested enough to care about properly solving the problems and then care about learning more problems in the future.

The ideal educator is more than capable of doing this. Through education this select group of educators has the opportunity to change the course of a student's life and help these individuals achieve their goals.


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