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Great To Teach Kids About Money

NB When ordering this product please make sure that you order the version that suits your country.

I use this game in the classroom as a math support teacher and at home with my kids.

All of the kids love it and it moves at a good pace. I appreciate how the game doesn't just let the kids always decide what combination of coins they'll use to represent a certain value.

When they spin the spinner, it will sometimes land on no dimes or no nickels, and so on. So they need to figure out how to make a certain amount without those coins.

Mom Of Three

This Is A great Game For Kids

My five year old grandson was not interested in learning about money. He loves math but it was like pulling teeth to get him to take an interest in learning the difference in the coins.

He liked the money to put in his bank though. This game is great. We played it once and he was making change and knew the difference in the coins.

We all have fun playing this and he is getting good at making change in different denominations. It is a fast game and keeps him interested and learning.

A great way to teach kids about money and lets them understand that you can earn money by doing chores.

Great concept! Great Game!

More than what I expected. Highly recommend this.





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