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Math Adds Up to Life

NB This article is part of a series of articles we comissioned authors from around the world to write for us. Their brief was to scour the Internet and find interesting and stimulating math topics to write about. The articles do not necessarily represent our beliefs. They are included here to give you some creative food for thought, so that you can take them and work with your teachers to build  a better math platform and environment for you to better excel in ... Please just enjoy the articles and please don't read too much into them.

Anyone that says that numbers are not important has not looked around very carefully and has definitely influenced little people to think the same.

Numbers connect life whether in the classroom or in everyday activities. The reality of it is numbers are found all around us. Our lives are so inundated with facts, figures, statistics, times, and, well, just numbers.

It is inescapable. When you can connect life and math as inseparable entities, the task of learning to multiply, divide, and work word problems becomes much more tolerable. Remember the old Sesame Street number songs and games?

Attach numbers to things kids already understand, like birthdays and bed times, and you will be on your way. You have before you multiple applications a day to make the connections.

• Clocks

Are we there yet? How much longer? What time is it? Numbers in use all day every day. Take a clock, not the digital kind, and show them the numbers. Early on, they probably will not grasp the minutes, but the hours are sufficient enough.

• Calendars

Does the word birthday mean anything to your child? Days turn into weeks and weeks into months, and we count them all. Show how long it is until the next holiday or their birthday. The calendar is an easy tool to use counting by ones or by sevens. Also, have your child determine which months are longer.

• Distances

Maps and vacations are great opportunities to work on this. Inches and feet can be illustrated all over the house, but miles are more difficult. Just a note, we Americans still teach metric system measurements for when we actually begin to use them, so I would wait a bit on those too.

• Weights and Measurements

Bake a cake and measure the ingredients with your child’s help. Visual aids always help learning go better. After the cake, though, take them to the bathroom scales and show the ratio between pieces of cake and higher numbers… You get the picture. Opportunities are everywhere.

• Sports

If your child is a sports fanatic, averages, percentages, and statistics in general come naturally. Players wear numbers for a certain number of halves, quarters, or periods divided into specific increments of time.

• Computers

This may be a little deep for the smaller ones struggling with math’s relevance, but computers are built on numeric formulas and equations based on the binary system. Furthermore, programs must be able to communicate with numerical logic. Every aspect of technology drips with numbers. There are plenty of places to find the history of computers and their relation to numbers.

• Science & History

Math and science are totally interwoven. The laws of the physical universe are expressed in written form using numbers inserted into formulas. We translate the outcome to something that makes better sense to us.

Without numbers, we would lack the ability to interpret and understand what was measured. Just a reminder, for something to fit into the definition of science it must be observable, measureable, and repeatable.

As for history, well, dates typically do not get much love, but explaining the mathematical brilliance necessary to build pyramids and ziggurats may be a great glue to help math “stick to the past.”


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