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The Archetype Of Math Anxiety

NB This article is part of a series of articles we comissioned authors from around the world to write for us. Their brief was to scour the Internet and find interesting and stimulating math topics to write about. The articles do not necessarily represent our beliefs. They are included here to give you some creative food for thought, so that you can take them and work with your teachers to build  a better math platform and environment for you to better excel in ... Please just enjoy the articles and please don't read too much into them.

Math is something that is necessary in almost every walk of life. Regardless of what you try to do or where you go everyone needs to be able to successfully solve at least basic math problems.

Math is present in every area of life, from balancing a checkbook to performing some of the most complex and daunting calculations in existence. Luckily, most individuals fall somewhere in the middle with their math skills.

For some individuals this is sufficient for them to successfully do the things they wish to do throughout their lives. However, depending upon your career choices it may be necessary to achieve a more in-depth grasp of math.

In any case if you are having problems understanding math the best thing that you can do is get the additional help that you need in order to ensure that a lack of understanding in math does not hold you back throughout your life.

Sometimes it is not so much a lack of understanding in math as it is the anxiety that occurs when an individual realizes that he or she is going to have to successfully do mathematical calculations.

Math occurs in everyday life and it is second only to the use of the English language in its frequency of use. For some reason it seems as though merely saying the word math strikes fear in certain individuals.

In these cases individuals often become so nervous that they forget how to successfully work a math problem even if they know how to do it correctly in their mind.

Much like generalized test anxiety, math anxiety takes on an almost archetypal connotation, often forcing otherwise perfectly intelligent and successful individuals into a panic. Unfortunately this panic almost always causes the same results.

Individuals forget how to work problems properly or in some of the most severe cases they completely blank out and forget that they have ever even been introduced to something called math.

This type of math anxiety can have incredibly devastating effects on an individual's overall learning capabilities as well as their desire to achieve success in their professional lives.

One such way to combat this anxiety is through using a math tutor to get past the fear. Thanks to the Internet this can be done conveniently in the comfort of your own home online.

One such web site that specializes in assisting with these types of anxiety problems is If math anxiety is a problem, contacting the individuals at this website is a perfect way to combat the anxiety and to become really good at math.

Once the fear of math is alleviated and you have a solid understanding of how to work various kinds of math problems, you can focus on the additional opportunities that are awarded to individuals who have a good understanding of math and the way that it affects the world on a daily basis.


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